This project has been so important for me because I believe that as mothers, we need each other. Motherhood causes us to feel deeply—the highest of highs and some of the most heart-wrenching lows.  It's worry and it's joy—so much joy.  It refines us by teaching patience and selflessness while requiring strength and boldness. It's beautiful and exciting to see our children learn and grow, and yet in those moments of growth we feel a tug at our heartstrings, because we know that all too quickly our little ones will be grown and gone. No one understands these wide range of emotions better than other women.  

The journey of motherhood is long and hard, and all too often we are the first to compare, criticize and judge each other.  Each of us has unique strengths and shortcomings and it's those strengths and shortcomings that create the perfect opportunity for us to rely on and learn from one another.  So instead of comparing and judging, let's come together to celebrate our differences, to strengthen one another, and to spread more kindness

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I hope that when you read these interviews and look at the images you cast aside any feelings of comparison or judgement.  I hope you will look and see beautiful women doing beautiful things and I hope you will feel a desire to be connected.  Connected to these mothers and to the mothers down the street and around the corner.  I hope you notice the differences and similarities, and I really hope you can see the beauty in them.  We need each other, all of each other.  So let's rally together, because together we can spread more light and love than we ever can alone.