We all love The Bucket List Family. In 2016, Jessica and her husband, Garrett, sold everything they owned and began traveling the world with their two small children, Dorothy and Manilla. Fifty countries later, they've made countless memories adventuring together, fallen in love with many different cultures and served countless people along the way.  Earlier this year they added baby number three to the mix.  If you'd like to follow along with their journey you can by clicking here

BRITTANY: Describe one way motherhood is different than you expected it to be. How is the reality better?

JESSICA: I'm amazed at how much joy I get from their successes. I care much less about myself and my accomplishments and more about theirs. I love seeing them learn to sit up, or walk, or sleep through the night, or swim, or ride a bike. I find more joy in their wins than my own.

"I find more joy in their wins than my own."


BRITTANY: What is the number one thing you hope your children learn before they are grown? Why is that important to you?

JESSICA: Kindness. I want them to be kind to anyone and everyone. To those who are mean to them, to those who look and talk different than they and to those who think differently than them. The world needs so much more genuine love and kindness


BRITTANY: What is one of the hardest aspects about motherhood for you right now?

JESSICA: Balancing all of my responsibilities with work, giving each kid the time and attention that I want, and patience.


BRITTANY: What are 3 of your strengths? 

JESSICA: Controlling the mood of the family. I understand that my kids and husband feed off of my energy and I do my best to be happy and positive. 

Being selfless. The happiness of others is more important than my own. 

Being welcoming to others.


BRITTANY: What is something you enjoy doing with your children? Why do you love it?

JESSICA: We love cooking together. It's something we all can do together, I can teach them and then we all enjoy it together. We also love dancing and singing in the car together. I love seeing them bust a move (who knows where they learned them?!) in the rear view mirror when they think no one is watching.

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