I found Eden on Instagram (@loverlees).  In her bio she has written "cheer on others + yourself + be kind."  I mean how perfectly does that fit with what I'm trying to do with the Motherhood Project.  And let me tell you guys, she does those things so beautifully online and in person.  I was only with her for an hour but she is so kind and sweet and the most playful mom I have ever met!  Just look at these pictures, if they don't scream playful and happy I don't know what does.  

Brittany: What is something you enjoy doing with your children? Why do you love it?

Eden: I love going on walks with my boys with no stroller + no plans + no destination + no clock. It is my absolute favorite thing to just watch them BE. To watch them explore + wander. Sometimes we bring a bucket for them to fill with treasures along the way!


Brittany: What is something that brings you joy as a mother?

Eden: I think the number one thing that brings me joy as a mother is watching my three boy’s love for each other. I love watching them play together + help each other. I love when they grab each other’s hands + snuggle up on the couch. I even love when they’re naughty together and scheme up plans to sneak some treats! Nothing brings me more joy than watching their relationships with each other grow.


Brittany: What do you love about having toddlers?

Eden: I absolutely love how Knox puts me in my place! If I’m frustrated and start to raise my voice, Knox will say, “Okay mom are you using flower words or weed words?” It always turns my mood right around and makes me realize that I need to be an example. But honestly he is the example to me!!

Eden 2.jpg

Brittany: What is one of the hardest aspects about motherhood for you right now?

Eden: I have the hardest time balancing my time between the three boys. My mom guilt is through the roof with this one! I try so hard to give each one of them my undivided attention and I’m still trying to figure out ways to make them all feel heard + special.


Brittany: What has been your proudest moment as a mother?

Eden: We are moving and I asked Knox if he was going to be sad to leave all his friends. He said, “Yeah but it’s okay because I’ll be with my best friends!” ... my heart exploded.


Brittany: What is the number one thing you hope your children learn before they are grown? Why is this important to you?

Eden: Everyday when my little Knox runs out the door I say, “Be a friend to someone who needs a friend!” This is so important to me! I want to teach my kids to be able to find those people that need extra love and to be that light in their lives. I want my boys to be the type of boys that sit with the kid at school that has no one to sit by. To be the boy that asks the girl to the dance that never got asked. I’ve watched lives change because of people like this. Their dad was a boy like this and I hope they grow up to be just like him!


Brittany: What are 3 of your strengths? Why do you love these things about yourself?

Eden: I am patient. I love this because having twins was and is very difficult at times. My patience has really been the #1 thing that has made it easier + more fun!

I am a happy person! I love this because I feel like my family feeds off of my energy. I feel like my happy demeanor helps my kids and my husband have happy days. 

I am very “go with the flow”. Is that even a thing? Haha well it is in my book! I understand that things change and I am super quick to jump on board with whatever’s going down!