Photo by  Ali Middleton

Photo by Ali Middleton

I'm Brittany.  I love sunshine, summer, my handsome guy and our four little ones.  We have three boys and one girl.  Spending time with my people is what I love the most. They are the ones that make me laugh the hardest and cry the most.  This parenting gig is no joke people!  But maybe thats why it's amazing.  Never before has something brought me so much joy yet challenged me as much as being a mother.

I'm a creature of habit and once I find something I like at a restaurant I order the same thing every time I go back.

I love the idea of taking leisurely evening walks with my family.  In reality I'm usually telling someone to slow down and another someone to hurry up. By the end I'm either carrying a bike that was ditched along the way or a child that is too tired to ride said bike. We come home a sweaty mess, but the next night I suggest another family walk because even though my idea of a family walk is a lot different than the reality, I love my reality.

I want you to see the beauty in your reality too.  Thats why I want to take your picture!  So in 3, 5, 10 or even 27 years from now you can remember the beauty that was there, even among the hard times.